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Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

This process is more of a suite of studies, than just one survey.  It may form part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which would be required by the LPA if the development proposals were large and potentially impacting on the environment.  The EcIA aspect of the EIA requires a scoping study to assess a site and what likely ecological surveys would be required, often associated with a desk study and stakeholder consultations.  This would then be followed by a series of baseline surveys of species and habitats identified in the scoping study.  A valuation of the site, then an impact assessment with a mitigation strategy to negate or reduce any negative impact of the development on important species or habitats would then follow these surveys.


This study would only normally be required for large scale developments or development deemed to potentially have a large negative impact on the environment and would be specified by the LPA as a requirement for planning consent.

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