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Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

Often a Planning Application requirement, this survey encompasses the Extended Phase One Habitat Survey methodology which will identify and map the main habitats on site. This survey is extended to highlight any areas that may support notably important species or habitats, including protected species and habitats of notable importance, as well as priority species and habitats. This would normally be the basic level of information required by the local planning authority (LPA). If important or protected species and habitats are potentially implicated in a development or land use change proposals, the LPA may require more information, species data and predicted assessments of impacts, as well as mitigation proposals.

Ecological Management Plans

We offer assessments, guidance and management plans of UK habitat types, Local Wildlife Sites (LWS), Local Nature Reserves (LNR), etc. for local authorities and public sector bodies, to protect and enhance the biodiversity and ecology of the site. We help clients to monitor the progress of site-specific management objectives and identify key performance indicators to monitor success.​

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