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Protected Species Risk Assessment

As Ecologists we are able to provide a risk assessment of a proposed development to a potential developer or land owner, this survey endeavours to provide an evaluation of the site with respect to the probability of the presence of protected or notably important species or habitats, both European and UK and what constraints their presence may put on the site’s development.  This type of survey and report would also provide generic mitigation advice as to what would be required to negate possible negative impacts on protected or important species to the satisfaction of the LPA.  More detailed or prescriptive mitigation measures or proposals would be the subject of more involved species-specific surveys, if required by the LPA.

Mitigation is designed to limit the effects of development by enabling the wildlife on and around the site to survive and have as little disturbance as possible during the construction phase. We provide mitigation services that include building artificial bat and swift boxes, reptile and great crested newt refugia. Mitigation may also include management details, such as areas of relaxed mowing and the creation of dark corridors for foraging bats and other mammals.

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